Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems North Wales

Solar PV and Solar Hot Water

Solar PV Panels on a HouseThe team at Triano Services have been installing Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems throughout North Wales, North West England and the Welsh border counties for over 10 years.

Solar PV

Solar PV panels generate electricity from sunlight and can be installed onto the majority of homes and businesses throughout North Wales and the bordering counties.

Modern Solar PV systems do not require direct sunlight to work and will generate electricity even on a cloudy day. This means that Solar PV panels work throughout the year, even in the depths of winter.

How can Solar PV benefit me?

For all kinds of Solar PV installation, whether domestic, community, commercial or industrial, the benefits are both financial and environmental.

Financially, you will receive an income for generating electricity irrespective of whether you use the energy or not through the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme. You will also see lower utility bills and be protected against future rises in energy costs. The Feed in Tariff available depends on a number of factors including the efficiency of your property, furthermore, the tariff is reviewed quarterly. For a detailed breakdown of what you could get, please call us on 01492 650033 and we will be able to provide you with a full quote for installation and Feed in Tariff potential.

Environmentally, you can lower your carbon footprint significantly whilst also reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

Is Solar PV suitable for me?

Ideally Solar PV panels should face between South East and South West, be free of shade and for best performance be angled between 30 and 40 degrees.

The size of your roof will also dictate the size of system that you can install. If you have a larger roof, such as in a commercial environment, you have the potential for a larger generation, however, this would be subject to approval by your local electricity network operator.

Solar PV Maintenance

Maintenance of Solar PV systems are minimal but planned preventative maintenance and system monitoring will make a difference to the long-term performance of your installation. To get a quote for a full system check on your Solar PV system, please call us on 01492 650033.

What is a Solar Hot Water/Thermal system?

Indirect Solar Heating SystemSolar thermal systems (also known as solar water heating) capture the free heat from the sun and use it to heat up water for use in the home. It’s a simple system:

  • Panels on your roof – known as collectors – absorb heat from the sun
  • The water in the panels heats up
  • This hot water is pumped through a coil in your cylinder which transfers the heat to the water in the cylinder

How much hot water could I get from a solar hot water system?

Solar thermal panels should provide most of your hot water from April to September and make a worthwhile contribution in the other six months of the year. Outside of that estimates vary. The Energy Saving Trust field trials found solar thermal panels will provide about 60 per cent of a household’s hot water needs if properly used.

How can solar hot water benefit me?

Solar Thermal Installed SystemAs well as reducing your carbon emissions and enjoying free hot water, the Government will pay you through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

For a domestic property your payment is determined by the hot water requirement stated on your homes Energy Performance Certificate for 7 years. The current rate for Solar Thermal is 19.74p per kWh.

For a non-domestic property your payment is determined by the hot water generated by the system. The current tariff is 10.28p per kWh for up to 200kWh of generation.