Renewable Heating Systems

Triano Services are experts in the installation of renewable heating systems such as biomass boilers and heat pumps throughout North and Mid Wales together with North West England.

Biomass boiler renewable heating systems

Domestic Wood Log Renewable Heating BoilerHeating with biomass is still a relatively new technology in the UK and Triano Services are fortunate to have a team of engineers who have accumulated immense experience of installing biomass renewable heating systems over the last 10 years.

We work hand in hand with our clients to advise them on the most cost effective way to achieve their goals – starting from fuel and biomass boiler choice, through design, installation and RHI applications to on-going support and servicing.

The choice of Biomass boiler fuels

There are three main choices of biomass fuel – Pellet, Log and Chip. There are pros and cons to each fuel type, however, broadly the different fuels can be looked at as follows:

  • Pellet boilers – require the least work and are the easiest to manage
  • Log boilers – tick every box when it comes to cost vs. benefit – but they take more effort
  • Chip boilers – ideal for farms and estates with woodlands and larger heat requirements

Installing a biomass boiler heating system is a major financial investment – we help you make the wisest decision – for you.

We supply a wide range of biomass boilers including Central Boiler, Domusa, Arikazan and Evoworld.

Heat pumps

Air Source Heat Pump in SituA heat pump takes heat from the ground or the air and in a process which is a little bit like a fridge (but in reverse) produces heat that can then be used for space heating and hot water.

In your kitchen, the fridge take heat from the food you put in it and pumps that in to the kitchen, keeping the food cold which is why if you put your hand over the back of your fridge you can usually feel warm air. A heat pump works the same but takes the heat in the ground or air and pumps it into your house.

Triano Services supply and install both Air to Water Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Is a heat pump suitable for my home or business?

Heat pumps aren’t suitable for every home or commercial premises. They work best in well insulated buildings and are a good choice in new build property. If you currently heat with oil, LPG or electricity you may benefit financially.

To install a ground source heat pump you need plenty of outside space for the pipework which is generally buried in trenches. It can also be inserted in a borehole, which costs a bit more. In this case you will need suitable access for the drilling machinery. Air source heat pumps take up much less space, but you will need to ensure it’s more than 3 metres away from the boundary of your home.

Heat pumps heat water to a lower temperature than traditional boilers. As a result, the ideal place for them is an extremely will insulated house with underfloor heating. Whilst you can use a heat pump with radiators you will need larger radiators which in many older buildings are not energy efficient enough to use underfloor heating or low temperature radiators.

With a traditional boiler the hot water cylinder tends to be heated to 60oC or higher. With a heat pump, the hotter you heat your water the more electricity you use, which leads to higher running costs. With a heat pump, water is generally heated to between 40 and 50oC. This is generally hot enough for washing up and bathing, however, the temperature in the hot water cylinder needs to be boosted to over 60oC once a week to avoid the danger of Legionella. Some heat pumps come with an integrated immersion heater to do this for you.

How can Triano Services help me?

You may already know exactly what biomass or heat pump system you want – and we will be happy to quote you our very best prices.

But if you are just starting out to consider installing a biomass boiler then here is how we approach your project:

  1. An initial telephone discussion to answer your questions and get an idea of your specific needs
  2. Full site survey to assess your options and offer our advice – all without any obligation
  3. We will design your system and submit our quotation – please feel free to ask any questions
  4. If you would like speak to anyone else who has a similar installation (or visit them) we will arrange it
  5. If you choose to entrust us with your project then we will do the rest…

We do all the necessary paperwork and will provide you with on-going support, maintenance and servicing.

To get a quotation for a biomass or heat pump renewable heating system, please call us today on 01492 650033 or use our Contact Us page to send a message.