Log Burners & Stoves

Log burners and wood stoves look great and can become a wonderful warming focal point for your family home. Best of all because burning wood is carbon neutral it doesn’t cost the planet

If you want a log burner or wood burning stove installed, get in touch. Triano Services are your local HETAS registered log burners and stove installer in Colwyn Bay and North Wales.

Wood burning stove installation

Log burners and wood burning stoves make a fantastic focal point to your roomWood burning stove installations usually take between one and three days. If you have an existing fireplace and it’s a straightforward install it could be finished before you’re home from work.

If we need to do building work as part of the job it will take a little longer. This might include laying a new hearth, removing bricks from the fireplace, rendering the insides and plastering your walls, removing existing gas fires and uncapping chimneys.

If you don’t have an existing chimney we can install a rigid twin wall flue system for you. This takes a little longer but provides maximum flexibility so you can have it running up through your house or up to outside of a side wall. The regulations can be strict, but there’s loads you can do with it, so get in touch and we’ll discuss your options.

Maintenance of log burners

Well-tended log burners shouldn’t need much maintenance. It is recommended however that you get your chimney swept at least once a year. If you use your stove regularly it should be swept every six months – some household insurance policies make this a requirement.

Chimney Lining

If you have an old chimney, it’s best practice to line it. When we install a new wood burning stove we always install a chimney liner. The liner creates a direct and even channel between the wood burner and the top of the chimney, which means soot and tar have less uneven surfaces to stick to. Any soot or tar that is created is much more likely to fall back in to the burner and burnt.

In an unlined chimney the soot often causes a blockage of the flue pipe. Lining the chimney also ensures that there are no leakages from the chimney during the life of the wood burning, which could otherwise be a risk.

High quality flue liner

There are lots of different chimney liners on the market. The chimney liner we use comes with a manufacturer backed 30 year warranty. Feel free to ask us for more details.

HETAS Approved

Triano Services are a HETAS registered installer so you can be safe knowing that all our installs will be done to the highest industry standards. We make a point of always following best practice above and beyond regulations. This includes lining chimneys and recommending the highest efficiency stoves.