Biomass Servicing and Maintenance

Biomass servicing is one of our areas of expertise. Regular servicing of your biomass boiler is essential to ensure that your boiler works at its maximum efficiency. It is also a requirement of the RHI scheme under which many biomass boilers have been installed that all biomass boilers require at least annual servicing or inline with manufacturers guidance if more servicing is recommended.

Biomass servicing and maintenance

At Triano Services we provide servicing throughout Wales and North West England and offer  service many of the well-known biomass boilers currently in operation in the UK including:

  • Central Boiler – we cover all of Wales and North West
  • Ekopower pellet boilers
  • Domusa pellet boilers
  • Evoworld wood pellet and wood chip
  • Extraflame

We also have various service contracts available.

For more information on biomass boiler servicing, maintenance and repair please call us today on 01492 650033.

Solving your biomass boiler problems

Inevitably, as biomass is a relatively new technology in the UK, there has been a steep learning curve among installers. We are frequently helping people who need a solution to their biomass boiler problems. In nearly every instance the problem lay with the installation NOT the boiler.

Whatever problems you are experiencing we will find the best solution for you.